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Genuine recent feedback from members.

"Another Wonderful show / chat once again with the Great Kelly Carter girl is just sexy as could be and teases like no other. Looking forward to booking her again soon."

"OK, Has to be said, Bow is amazing. Her show tonight was of the highest standard, and yes, it was up there with the best, Carla, Petra, and now Bow. She is a natural, her shows are very quickly becoming a must see, she is just naturally the perfect personality and with such an awesome body, she's clearly one of the best girsl on Pin-Up LIVE! , already! My total and utter congratulations on an outstanding show. We are not worthy!"

"Just had the most magical experience with Nikki Lee. Fantastic dance movements kept up throughout the whole private show. Really it is impossible to pick the right superlatives in the English language to describe the performance and experience."

"My thanks to Kelly McGregor for a really excellent show. I don't get to see many shows at the moment but I was really glad I made this one. A very beautiful and pleasant lady!"

"Brilliant website. Ruby Jones is stunning. Please, please another show soon!!!!!!"

"Thanks to Nikki and Elle for a very entertaining and erotic show tonight. One of the most enjoyable I have ever seen on Pin-Up LIVE! - and that is saying something!"

"Just got to say formally, a big thank you to Carla. Her show was a true showcase, she gets it all spot on and just right. She has a natural ability to communicate with everyone in the room, and make everyone feel special. Her interaction is impressive to say the least. If this was a film, her mantelpiece will have just received yet another Oscar!"

"Have to leave a few words of gratitude and appreciation for Zuziana. She really is the loveliest girl, such a warm and pleasant personality, together with an incredible body. From her first day, she impressed me with her down to Earth and friendly manner, chatting to her is a real joy. As for her stunning looks, words fail me."

"Many thanks to Bonnie for a really excellent debut show tonight. A beautiful lady with a lovely personality. Another great girl on Pin-Up LIVE!!"

"Many thanks to Carla and Bryoni for a brilliant double show last night. Although I arrived a bit late I was immediately made to feel welcome and I really enjoyed the show. Made me think for the umpteenth time how lucky I am to be a member of Pin-Up LIVE!!"

"Please pass on my thanks to Mel for a very nice sexy PF this morning. First time I have seen her 1-2-1 although I always try to see her shows, and I have seen all her material on Only Melanie etc. She is a very beautiful lady. I will definitely try to see her again, maybe make a booking as I would have liked to have stayed a bit longer for a chat but I know how very busy Mel is when online. In short a very enjoyable experience! Thanks Mel and Pin-Up LIVE!!"

"Please pass on my thanks to Lexi for a brilliant PF and chat this afternoon - I really enjoyed it. A very beautiful girl with a lovely personality. I was so glad I was able to see her. I hope she has a long and profitable stay with Pin-Up LIVE!! She has made my day!!"

"I have had a few shows with Jo-Louise and think she is brilliant in what she does. She is very attractive/pretty, bubbly, dead friendly and goes out of her to exceed my expectations without crossing any boundaries. She listens to my requests on outfits and nothing is ever a problem and is always willing to fulfill my requests without any fuss. Her shows are very seductive. She is definitely a star of Pin-Up LIVE! and would highly recommend her to any other members."

"Please pass on my thanks to Jojo for a brilliant show tonight and really nice PF afterwards! She is a very beautiful lady and so nice to chat to. I really enjoyed this experience."

"Thanks to Carla for a really brilliant show tonight. A very beautiful lady who makes everyone feel they are special. A rare combination of gifts for sure!"

"Tonight I had an absolutely stunning Private Fantasy with Hayley-Marie Coppin. It was my first experience of a PF and it was everything I had hoped for - fun, erotic and incredibly enjoyable. Hayley-Marie is beautiful and seductive; she played my fantasy out to perfection. I really cannot praise her enough and hope that you can pass that on!"

"I would be very grateful if you could pass on my thanks to Morgan for a really excellent show tonight. A perfect example of a Pin-Up LIVE! show, beautiful girl, lovely personality and nice humorous interaction with the audience."

"Just have to say, very very impressed with Zuziana, she's amazing. She's extremely beautiful, really lovely to chat to, and is ideal Pin-Up LIVE! material. I hope she stays long term. A genuinely lovely and adorable girl, a true Pin-Up LIVE! girl!"

"Please pass on my thanks to Jojo for an excellent show tonight. Also, I managed to see Jojo for a PF afterwards. She is very beautiful lady with a really nice personality. I certainly hope to see her again in the future."

"Just have to pass on my thanks for what has to be the show of the year from Carla. Yet again, it was a master class. A perfection of music, funny moments, great interaction, sexy tease at exactly the right level, and just a damn good time."

"Thanks to Carla for a really first class show tonight. It is difficult to put into words how enjoyable this show was - erotic, humorous, engaging ... After a hard day's work I was looking forward to the show so much - and I was most certainly not disappointed. Pin-Up LIVE! - the best site on the whole web. "

"Please pass on my personal thanks to Jo-Louise. Absolutely amazing private show, not only did Jo-Louise fulfill my fantasy she absolutely blew me away. Jo-Louise really went the extra mile to satisfy me and I won't hesitate in booking another show with her again."

"Please pass my thanks on to Ruby for a really great PF tonight. She is a very, very beautiful lady and it is a great pleasure to spend time with her."

"I've seen some great shows on your site, but Holly McGuire's debut was the best yet! Absolutely stunning and a real performer. Pin-Up LIVE! was always a good idea, but you guys have actually delivered - which is rare."

"My sincere thanks and appreciation must go to the charismatic, beautiful and lovely Amy Green :) She is a delight to chat to and wow, she is stunning and beauty personified, I really enjoyed our chat and private fantasy yesterday. As for her debut show, what a knockout! Amy was magnificent and really made the show thoroughly enjoyable. Amy is an absolute angel :) Thanks Pin-Up LIVE!!"

"Please pass on my thanks to Rosie for a really great show - followed by a fantastic PF. It was very nice seeing her, she is a credit to Pin-Up LIVE!."

"I would be very grateful if you could pass my thanks on to Elle for a really excellent show tonight. Beautiful and sexy as always, with a nice sense of humour as well - a very enjoyable experience. I hoped to see Elle afterwards for a PF but she was full of busy for a long time after the show - not surprisingly! - and then logged off for a well deserved rest. I am sure I will have the pleasure of catching her on another occasion. Thank you."

"Can you pass on my thanks to Jojo. She was wonderful tonight. Very interesting to chat to, and sexy in a totally natural way. I really appreciated her taking the time to make my little fantasy real."

"Please pass on my thanks to Bryoni-Kate for a really nice show tonight. I thought she dealt with quite a large audience very well, answering comments and meeting requests. She clearly set out to please everyone. A very beautiful lady as well!"

"Please pass on my thanks to Elle for a really enjoyable PF this evening. She is one of my favourite ladies and I was so pleased to catch her late on just as I was going to go to bed. A very nice experience as always with Elle."

"Just wanted to say that Irina is a really lovely girl, excellent English, a very beautiful girl, and is an excellent addition to Pin-Up LIVE!. I highly recommend this lady to my fellow Pin-Up LIVE! members. She's made my day a lot better."

"Please pass on my sincere thanks to Nikki for a really excellent show tonight. She is a very sexy lady and I hope she stays with Pin-Up LIVE! for a long time!"

"Please pass on my thanks to Paige for a really nice PF this evening. A very lovely girl."

"Hi. Just enjoyed my first show with Hannah Claydon. Well worth the admission price. A very sexy, seductive and cheeky show. Hope to join Hannah again for another one. She's every inch my favourite!"

"I popped my Pin-Up LIVE! virginity with Hannah Claydon. What an amazing time I had in the company of a very beautiful, warm and friendly girl. Will definitely come back for more chats with Hannah, she's my favourite!"

"I loved Natasha's show! She has a great personality as well as being really sexy!"

"I just wanted to say that in Paige I think you have such an exceptionally talented young woman. Very natural, very intelligent & great to chat to, as well as her being absolutely stunning to boot! I would strongly recommend her to anyone."

"Just wanted to also mention the excellent job your support staff do - very quick to reply to emails and nothing is too much trouble."

"Had a show just now with Jenny Baker and she is a very sexy and caring lady who is only too happy to fulfill peoples requests (providing they are polite and sensible). I will certainly be visiting the site again and hope to watch many more shows with Jenny soon."

"I absolutely loved my first Private Fantasy know. It really makes me feel special to know that my favorite model of all time just stripped for me alone. I can't even put a price on the value of that to me."

"I would just like to say what an exceptionally pleasant evening I have had courtesy of Pin-Up LIVE!. First the excellent show with Carla and Rachael, then a lovely PF and chat on line with my very favourite Pin-Up LIVE! lady - Petra. Your success is very well merited. I am a long term consumer of adult productsand I do feel that the secret of success is treating customers with respect, and that is where Pin-Up LIVE! scores highly over so many other enterprises in this field."

"I would be grateful if you could pass to Keira my thanks for an excellent show tonight. Her interaction with the audience was excellent, and it was a very sexy show."

"I have just finished a wonderful private booking with Elisabetta and just wanted to pass on my compliments at having such a lovely, charming woman on your books. Apart from being extraordinarily beautiful, she was very sexy, natural and a real pleasure to spend time with."

"A massive well done to Samantha Alexandra, her shows are normally great, but tonight she went up a league.  Absolutely brilliant show, great music, looked sensational and planned and timed it all to perfection. That's how a show should be done!"

"What a top show from sophia her private dancer routine in leotard and tights was memorable, this girl is top drawer, great personality, thanks Pin-Up LIVE!"

"I just want to give a big thank you for the free 20 show with Lucy Anne. It was the best prize I have ever won! Thank you Carla and thank you Lucy for a lovely time. "

"May I say, Hannah was great ! Took her time and made we viewers feel a part of it all. Many thanks, enjoyed the show immensely. What beautiful eyes she has. I will be back for more !!"

"Have to just say what an awesome show Tibby has just done, her first show and it was truly brilliant, this girl is star quality. Big thanks Tibby, I'll be grinning like a cheshire cat for weeks!"

"Great show from  Elle tonight. She is rapidly becoming my favourite Pin-Up LIVE! girl - I can't give higher praise than that!"

"Thank you very much to Pin-Up LIVE! and to Milly for my free show tonight. Really appreciated this - and of course greatly enjoyed it - fantastic!!"

"It's nice to see a site give something back to the members (e.g the free ticket show) and isn't just after their money like a lot of sites. I joined this site to see Hayley-Marie so the free ticket is a nice way for members to get into other models they normally wouldn't. It's good to see a site that the people are passionate about. "

"I have to say that, on any other site, a show like Aaliyah's tonight, or Petra's last night, would normally be greeted with wild applause with awe and wonder.but, on Pin-Up LIVE!, all the shows are this good, and all the girls are absolutely first rate beauties. Damn this site is so the best on the Internet, bar non!"

"Last Saturday I tried to make an appointment with Bryoni-Kate but she was having computer problems - poor girl! I was very impressed with the way I was kept informed how my date was progressing, or not. My cloud did have a silver lining, I met up with Keira, and she was sensational, I will certainly be back to play!!!"

"I just wanted to say that I had a fantastic time with Hannah Claydon in the week. The whole experience was amazing and now I've done it the once, I'll be back for more."

"I'd just like to thank Keira so much for a wonderful private fantasy show. She is so friendly and fun to talk to, and blinking gorgeous too!! Thank you Keira xx P.S. Looking forward to the next show!"

"Absolutely fantastic show from Sam tonight - followed up by a 1-2-1 with the beautiful Milly. Heaven!"

"Have to just say, Brooke's first show was truly awesome, up there with the best, big well done and huge thanks!"

"(Rachael’s Naughty Nurse Show) The whole show was amazing.  Sound and picture were excellent.  Gorgeous Rachael looked stunning.  Those legs in the white stockings/heels blew my mind.  We even got treated to her dancing skills… what a woman .. i can't wait for her next show, hopefully the french maid outfit teamed up with fishnet stockings!"

"Sophia showtime shower scene in the bathroom was excellent, she was fun, definitely will be back for more!! Keep them coming Pin-Up LIVE!."

"I have to say that the whole Pin-Up LIVE! experience is first class.  The support is second to none, the girls are charming, damn fine looking, and simply a joy to be with.  It really does lead the way for all other cam sites.  I've seen the rest, now I'll stick with the best!"

"Hi everyone, Just wanted to say a big thank you for what continues to be the best site of its kind that I know off. The best girls, sexy, classy and so nice and lovely to chat to, and the shows are a real delight. Tonights show with Samantha Alexandra was incredible, just what the doctor ordered, to get the old pulse going! If other sites were even half as good, they'd be great, but Pin-Up LIVE! stands."

"I absolutely LOVE your site. The models are gorgeous and I love the interaction with them."

"I had another wonderful private chat with Keira last night, she's really lovely and I would like to thank her so much for chatting with me. I'm really looking forward to another private chat/fantasy or even
another showtime with Keira again! Thanks again Pin-Up LIVE!, this is a superb site!"

"Many thanks to Petra for a great show tonight and a great chat afterwards. Always a pleasure to chat to. Excellent work as usual - keep up the great site."

"Wow, Elise was just sensational tonight!  Am really glad you are doing more Showtimes.  Can't wait for Rachael Boden to do another one or for Brooke Bond to try one too!"

"Another fabulous private show with Kitty. She's a real gem."

"Lucy-Anne as an Air Hostess Showtime. Adorable, cute, criminally pretty and what a figure !!!!  The outfit was spot on the money and she looked stunning in (and out of it) Lucy-Anne is simply one of the nicest, sweetest, most beautiful girls I have ever seen."

"The Air Hostess show with Lucy Anne – FANTASTIC!"

"Hi, I had a show with Kitty this evening. She was, and is, wonderful. She put on a great performance as a sexy secretary - really worked the webcam!"

"I have to say Sophia Smith’s personality shines through, when I have requests on clothing for her to wear on private fantasy she obliges.  She’s fun, keeps the chat going, puts on a pleasing show, my only gripe is I never have enough credits. Well entertained definitely!"

"Kitty lea was fantastic last night. More shows please."

"I really enjoyed my experience with  I felt really honoured to have the opportunity to chat with the wonderfully lovely Keira Jones.  I am soon going to arrange another chat or maybe a private fantasy soon! Overall this site is excellent and gives the fans the once in a lifetime opportunity of being able to see and chat with the most beautiful ladies."

"Have to say, this site just gets better and better.  Other sites may try and do the same, but only Pin-Up LIVE! has such great girls.  Love the latest mods to the site, very effective and great additions. Keep up the great work!"

"Had 2 private bookings with Harley G. The last week and they were very enjoyable. She performed my private fantasy flawlessly and was a great person to talk to. She genuinely cared about our conversations and I certainly plan to book Harley G. More in the future. Thanks for recommending her to me."

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